Current research

  • Capacity of regeneration of the main species of northern and boreal temperate forests to adapt to future climate conditions: from seed... to seedling

  • Physiological responses of forest tree species to drought in the context of climate change in Québec 


Greenhouse experiment - January 2019

Mont St Joseph in le Parc national du Mont Mégantic (Québec)- Autumn 2014

Past research

  • Study of the impacts of different silvicultural scenarios on plant community composition and structure on stands within the balsam fir-white birch domain and on conifer plantations at juvenile stage 

  • Drivers of regeneration of sugar maple (Acer saccharum Marsh.) along elevational gradient 

  • Responses of tree species to global change: biogeographic and ecophysiological approaches 

  • Role of green alder in boreal conifer growth: Competitor or facilitator?

2016-10-06 17.14.57.jpg

Morgane Urli - Gagnon - October 2016